New year, new clothes


by Peter Watts

Guess what happens when old clothes are within easy reach.

We wear them.

Old clothes don’t look good on stage unless retro fundamentally links with our image, and then the clothes had better be retro, not merely old!

New Year pre-disposes us toward clearing stuff out. Out go the decorations. Out go those special holiday food items that yet again we bought and that yet again no one consumed. De-cluttering everything from the rooms to the refrigerator puts us into a new-broom mindset. De-cluttering invigorates. It releases space and energy for other things.

Carry the process right through to the closets and get rid of old clothes. If you haven’t worn an item for over a year then send it to the thrift store and take advantage of the new year sales to find a replacement.

When we are presenting it’s essential that we look the part. Before we have the chance to launch our opening line, the audience has already made their initial assessment based on how we look. This is where those old favorites hanging in the closet can become a danger.

Start the new year with an upgraded look and by donating those old clothes to charity.

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