Presentation video reviews

by Peter Watts

Video yourself presenting and make an important discovery:


You both look and sound far more confident and comfortable that you might have ever believed possible!


Imagine a swan gliding along the river. The parts of the bird that are visible above the water-line look serene and elegant. Take a look below the waterline however and you are likely to see two large webbed feet, paddling like crazy!


As presenters, it is often the awareness of our own two outsized webbed feet that comes to dominate our perceptions. Surely the audience can see us paddling like crazy to stay afloat! Actually, no they can’t. All the audience can see is that swan gliding along the surface.


As with any form of review activity, critiquing our performance on camera has to be done to a formula that starts with expressing the positive:


  • What is it about ourselves that we like
  • What is about ourselves that we would like to change
  • What is the one single performance area will we seek to alter next time


When we have the opportunity to review our performance on camera, we see ourselves as the audience do, and frequently, the resulting vision comes as a pleasant, and confidence boosting surprise.

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